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Columbus Red Cross Chief Says 'Military Scam' Is Unforgivable.

The American Red Cross today warns of a new scam. The organization says the scammers contact spouses of military members by telephone, tell them a loved one is injured in Iraq, and then try to obtain personal information.

Chief Executive Officer of the Greater Columbus Red Cross chapter, Michael Carroll, says the Department of Defense asked the Red Cross to issue a warning. "Its unspeakable and unforgivable, I mean these families are already suffering, are sacrificing on behalf of the rest of us. And to think that somebody would try to steal their identity is unforgivable." Says Carroll.

Carroll adds that the telephone scam has been reported twice so far by military families. But, neither incident occurred in Central Ohio. "We thought that it would be smart to get the word out. We have alot of families here in our jurisdiction." Carroll says rarely does the Red Cross contact members of the military or their dependents by telephone.