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Post Michigan game score: 43 arrests, 17 summonses

Columbus police say they were prepared for riots but Ohio State's loss to Michigan coupled with Buckeye fans' decision to behave themselves made for a relatively quiet weekend.

Sergeant Brent Mull says officers arrested 43 people and issued 17 summonses in the area surrounding the Ohio State campus Friday night and early Saturday.

He says the offenses leading to arrest ranged from open container violations to open burning and public indecency.

Summonses were issued for less serious offenses such as littering and possession of fireworks. Mull says officers also tried to head off trouble by warning party hosts not to let things get out of hand.

The head of student affairs at Ohio State University, Bill Hall, credits tough police enforcement and student leadership for preventing street trouble following the game. Hall says students and other campus area visitors received a clear message to refrain from public drunkenness. After last year's Michigan game, fans lit more than 100 fires near campus, torched nine cars, broke house and store windows and pelted firefighters with rocks and debris.