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Never Miss Club Aims To Make Sunday Their 54th Super Bowl


For most people, attending a Super Bowl is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but for three men, it's an annual event. Don Crisman, Tom Henschel and Gregory Eaton belong to the Never Miss A Super Bowl Club. So when the San Francisco 49ers take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Miami this Sunday, they will be there at their 54th consecutive Super Bowl.

DON CRISMAN: It's hard to explain. A couple of times I've said, this is ridiculous, and I ought to end it. And here I am still doing it.

INSKEEP: Eighty-three-year-old Don Crisman is a lifelong New England Patriots fan who co-founded this club with Stan Whittaker in the late '60s after attending the first three Super Bowls.


So why do these three guys come back year after year?

TOM HENSCHEL: It's just the fun of it.

KING: That's Tom Henschel. He's a diehard Steelers fan.

HENSCHEL: I enjoy Super Bowl more than Fourth of July and New Year's put together.

KING: Henschel is 78. And he became the club's third member after he met Crisman and Whittaker at a taping of "The Tonight Show" before Super Bowl XVII.

INSKEEP: The Never Miss A Super Bowl Club is an exclusive circle which has never had more than five members at any given time. Gregory Eaton from Lansing, Mich., is the newest addition. Health permitting, they will all be at Super Bowl LIV in Tampa next year.

GREGORY EATON: When you get older, you'll realize that you take it by - not by year, you take it by day by day. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.