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Young Baker Takes His Family To Disney On Profits From Cupcake Sales


Parents make a lot of sacrifices for their kids. For the Tuckett family in Minnesota, it was a kitchen appliance.

CHERI TUCKETT: He actually, like, broke our oven. So we had to get a new oven.


That is Cheri Tuckett, it and the he she's talking about is her son, Isaiah. Isaiah needed that oven.

ISAIAH: When I was 12, our bakery in town closed, and that's around when I started making cupcakes.

KING: Isaiah's 14 now, and he has his own baking business, called, Isaiah's Tasty Treats.

MARTIN: A kid with his own business selling cupcakes. What more could you want? How 'bout a trip to Disney World? Growing up, Isaiah would ask his parents if they could go.

ISAIAH: They usually said no, like, we don't have enough money and stuff.

MARTIN: So like any good businessman, he struck a deal.

ISAIAH: They said that they could buy all the ingredients and I could keep the profit. And then when I raised enough money, we could go to Disney.

KING: OK. Isaiah has a big family, seven people. So his profits would have to be pretty substantial. His mom was a doubter.

TUCKETT: I mean, I expected him to try. You know what I mean? But to me it seemed like such a big goal, I didn't really know that it would be possible.

KING: But Isaiah started baking and baking. At one point, he made 750 cupcakes for three graduation parties. After a little over a year and a few thousand cupcakes, Isaiah had the money to take his family, all seven of them, to Florida, where they went on rides and swam with dolphins. But even with the goal reached, his mom, Cheri, says she doesn't see Isaiah slowing down anytime soon.

TUCKETT: I guess I just expect great things out of Isaiah. You know, it seems like when he sets his mind to something, he goes for it.

MARTIN: Isaiah's Tasty Treats is still in business, but Isaiah has a new goal now. He says he's saving up for a blue pickup truck, even though he's still got a couple of years until he gets his driver's license. My money is on Isaiah to make that goal. Sounds like his mom doesn't mind, either.

TUCKETT: Baking was probably, in my life, was the favorite thing that I did with my mom. And so it's just a part of the whole story that is just so dear to my heart, is that, you know, the thing that I loved the most with my mom is something that I'm able to pass on to him.

KING: We are rooting for you, Isaiah. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.