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Episode 824: Our Valentines

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Journalists are a jealous bunch. We steal each other's stories, and sources. And when someone writes a story that we're envious of, we usually curse them under our breath, and move on. But once a year at Planet Money, we give a shout out to our favorite work.

This year, our Valentines go out to:

-Eric Konigsberg, for finding out what people do all day at WeWork 'coworking' spaces in his awesomely-titled article, "Sriracha Is for Closers."

-Mike Mariani, who manages to make a 39-page magazine articleread like a novel.

-Samir Madani, who transformed the world of oil...with a .

-, for teaching us that elevated buses make great deer stands, and other nuggets of wisdom us urbanites will likely never use.

-The Masterpiece Theater television show, "Victoria," for depicting corn laws with all the drama they deserve.

-NPR's Video Team, for making the amazing new video series, "Planet Money Shorts." Watch the first episode, "Chicken Tax."

If you, too, have boisterous co-workers, you can listen to "Loon Calls in the Great Outdoors" here.

Music: "Be Mine" and "Funk Brothers"

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Robert Smith is a host for NPR's Planet Money where he tells stories about how the global economy is affecting our lives.