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Ohio BOE Delays Resolution To Alter State Report Cards

Ohio Board of Education members will wait until the fall to consider a resolution that proposes some drastic changes to the state report cards for schools and school districts, but a delay on the resolution doesn’t mean the end of discussions about potential modifications.

The resolution before board members Tuesday recommended scrapping the A to F grading scale on the current state report cards, among a number of other changes.

The board voted to delay consideration of the resolution until November.

But state Representative Mike Duffey—who has led the charge in the statehouse to reform the report cards—says the House Education Committee will likely resume its work to alter them in September, and he’d prefer board members had specific recommendations for lawmakers to consider by then, more specific than what the board has sent legislators in the past.

“It is often the case in the legislature that we can pass something statutorily and mean that we want to zig and then the way that it is implemented is a zag,” he told the committee.

“I think the recommendations are perhaps not detailed enough to know if you want to zig or zag,” Duffey added.

A group of state board members have been put on a workgroup to recommend changes to the report cards, but Nancy Hollister, the group’s chair, said they will not reconvene until October.

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