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Ohio Drops COVID Restrictions For Nursing Homes

A sign at the Mill Run nursing home in Hilliard.
Ryan Hitchcock
A sign at the Mill Run nursing home in Hilliard.

Ohio is dropping more COVID restrictions on nursing homes and assisted living centers.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said scheduling will no longer be required by the state, and the two-visitor limit will be dropped as of Friday.

"We are encouraging, unless there’s an outbreak, we’re encouraging visitation. We’re encouraging people to have the opportunity to go visit their loves ones," DeWine said.

The governor said any federal requirements and those imposed by individual facilities still stand. The state does still require non-vaccinated employees to get tested for coronavirus twice a week.

“(That’s) a lot less there what it was. Hospitalizations are down, cases are down, positivity numbers are down. We’re certainly headed in the right direction. But that is being driven by the people who are vaccinated,” he said.

Just under 47% of Ohioans are vaccinated. However, that number doesn't include those who were vaccinated in other states, or through VA health facilities.

Bill Reinhart