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WOSU Education Advisory Council

Members of the WOSU Education Advisory Council listen to a presentation at a meeting.

The WOSU Education Advisory Council consists of representatives from schools throughout WOSU’s service area who are committed to supporting innovative teaching practices for K-12 education.

The Advisory Council convenes to promote professional growth, inform program development, and recognize excellence in the educators we serve.

Advisory Council Members Guiding Document


Provide information, consultation, and support to WOSU in the development and implementation of K-12 education services.


  1. The Advisory Council is to provide advice and recommendations to WOSU on strategic direction, educational programming, professional development, and educational resources.  The Advisory Council shall participate in setting criteria for and selection of, individuals and schools recognized for excellence in education.
  2. The Advisory Council shall advocate for the use of effective educational practices and technology in education.  As advocates, members will facilitate enhanced communications and collaboration between schools, communities, and state leadership.
  3. The Advisory Council is to keep members engaged and informed.  The Advisory Council members will identify professional learning needs, recruit representation from member schools, and communicate classes, special events, and featured resources to other educators.

2023-2024 School Year Schedule & Agendas

WOSU Education Advisory Council Members may bring guests to Advisory Council Meetings as space allows.

If your school is not represented on the member list, please email classroom@wosu.org. Meeting details, including guest speakers, professional learning topics, and guest registration, will be made available prior to the meeting date.

All meetings will take via Zoom, unless otherwise specified.

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