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Surgical Technologist Ashleigh Rea

After graduating with a four-year degree in psychology, Ashleigh Rea struggled to find a job that was fulfilling and could pay off her student loans. She spent years as a nanny and then in food service before deciding she needed to make a change.

She enrolled in Columbus State Community College’s Surgical Technology program without having heard of what a surgical technologist was. Through the program not only did she find work that she loved, but she’s also finally been able to revel in normal work hours that allow her to own a dog and spend more time with her family and loved ones.

Ashleigh was recently accepted into the Graduate Entry Program for Nurse Practitioners at Ohio State University. She’s specializing in adult-gerontology and is excited to continue advancing in the medical field.

Ashleigh’s story is a part of the From Here to Career video series, we hear from young people who have found a path to an in-demand career and their stories of how they got there. Each episode is uniquely told demonstrating the various ways to gain skill training toward employment or better employment.