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Automation Technician Chris Garrett

After he made the “short-sighted” decision to drop out of high school, Chris Garrett worked in the food services industry for over a decade, eventually ending up scraping by working two jobs as a food delivery driver. But, after his daughter was born, he was determined to set an example.

Back in March 2020, when Chris Garrett began interning at a subsidiary of GOJO Industries Inc., which makes PURELL products, he had no idea that demand for hand sanitizer would jump 600%. Now, with certifications and training from the Wayne County Schools Career Center, he’s been hired full-time as an automation technician, fixing the robots and machinery that assemble hand sanitizer containers.

Chris’ story is a part of the From Here to Career video series, we hear from young people who have found a path to an in-demand career and their stories of how they got there. Each episode is uniquely told demonstrating the various ways to gain skill training toward employment or better employment.