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Classical 101

Think All a Conductor Does is Wave a Stick? Think Again!

Bugs Bunny as Leopold Stokowski

Musicians know the music they're playing very well, so why the heck do you need a conductor?

Well, one group of musicians set out to give people a chance to find out what happens when the person on the podium changes. They set up on a street corner in New York City and waited. Finally, one brave soul stepped up and gave it a shot. Then another...then another. One of them seemed to have a particular affinity for violas. (Though the violins would probably say it was pity. Kidding!)

The results are quite entertaining. So grab your baton, get some practice in, and polish your resume.


Read more about it here...Random New Yorkers were invited to conduct this orchestra on a street corner.

Warner Brothers gave us their impression of what a conductor does.