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Composers Incorporated: Student Composers at Wild Goose Creative

Zach Koors and John Huenemann
OSU student composers Zach Koors and John Huenemann

Two of the most difficult aspects of composition are criticism and communication. Amplify those difficulties by the prospects of receiving grades or even a paycheck and future performances, and it's clear that being a composer is more of an interpersonal challenge than simply a creative one.

This week, I sat down with OSU School of Music student-composers Zach Koors and John Huenemann to discuss music, marriage, and their similarities.

If you liked what you heard, be sure to enjoy these composers' works next Tuesday at 7:30pm at  Wild Goose Creative.  

Also check out more of the music you heard in this interview on the artists' webpages: www.koorsmusic.com/works.html and www.johnhuenemann.com