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5 Antique Instruments Stolen from a Car Trunk

Limelight Magazine
Three of the five instruments stolen from a car trunk in Scotland

"Honey, have you seen those three violas?" "I think they're in the trunk, dear." Said NO ONE...EVER. Really?  Who leaves an instrument in the trunk?

Every musician I know knows more about the whereabouts of their instrument than their children.

Yet, there they were...or, there they weren't. Three violas, a violin, and a cello. They had all recently been restored and were destined for the Allegri Music School and Store in Niddrie, a suburb of south-east Edinburgh, Scotland.  The value of the collection of antique instruments was estimated at $166,000.

Now the temptation is to make a joke here, such as being amazed that they didn't take the violin and cello and leave violas in their place, but I shall resist. Instead, I will suggest that next time you are tempted to leave something in your trunk, such as a cello, you think twice.