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Guitar Concerto from Puerto Rico and "Asturias" on Fretworks

Milos Karadaglic
Courtesy of the artist
Milos Karadaglic

The evocative and dramatic "Asturias" from the Suite española of Isaac Albeniz will open the program on the next Fretworks Saturday evening at 7:00 PM on Classical 101.  Guitarist MilosKaradaglic will be featured from his debut recording on Deutsche Grammophon from a few years back, Mediterráneo.

A new  recording from mandolin players Caterina Lichtenberg and Mike Marshall features transcriptions of music of J. S. Bach, and they'll play the first half of the Two-Part Inventions; originally written for keyboard.  On next week's program, they'll perform the second half of the set.

A lively and very enjoyable concerto from Puerto Rico is our guitar and orchestra piece this week with the Concierto Evocativo from 1978 by Ernesto Cordero.  According to Leo Brouwer, this concerto evokes, "a soundscape of the old Spain of the Renaissance," along with some modern touches from the 20th century.  Leonardo Egurbida is the soloist, and the San Juan Pops conducted by Rosalin Pabon.

Paraguayan guitarist Berta Rojas will play Invierno Porteno from The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires by Astor Piazzolla from Rojas' CD, Cielo Abieto (Open Sky).

To conclude the hour, Columbus based guitarist Karl Wohlwend, along with Stanley Yates, will perform a guitar duet by Ferdinando Carulli, Overture to Rossini's 'Semeramide.'  It's from their recent recording titled, Guitaromanie.  It also features Carulli's arrangements of music by Beethoven, Haydn, and Mozart. 

Fretworks, the weekly program for music of the classical guitar, airs Saturday and Wednesday at 7 pm on Classical 101.