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Paul Galbraith Plays Haydn on 8-String Guitar on Fretworks

Scottish guitarist, Paul Galbraith plays his unusual 8-string guitar. Listen to his music this Saturday at 7PM on Classical 101.

The next Fretworks program on Classical 101 will include Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg's popular Peer Gynt Suite No. 1 arranged for 3 guitars and performed by the Netherlands Guitar Trio.  The Morning Mood sounds pretty chipper with three guitars, and In the Hall of the Mountain King sounds like a jamboree.

Paul Galbraith will play an unusual 8-string guitar for his arrangement of a piano sonata of Franz Joseph Haydn.  The guitar is held upright against the body like a cello and has an end pin that comes out of the bottom of the guitar which rests on a resonating box on the floor.  This amplifies the sound and gives it a rich fullness of tone that has to be heard.

We'll also hear some harmonious sounds in the Aeolian Suite for Guitar and Small Orchestra by Australian-born guitarist John Williams.  A friend had played Williams a tune he had written "that sounded haunting and medieval," so the guitarist developed it into his Aeolian Chant.  He then expanded it into the Suite we'll hear on Fretworks.

To conclude the hour, Swedish guitarist Mats Bergstrom will play Las Dos Hermanitas by Spanish guitarist- composer Francisco Tarrega, and mandolin players Joe Brent and Alon Sariel will perform a galliard originally written for the lute by English lutenist-composer John Dowland. 

Fretworks can be heard Saturday and Wednesday evenings at 7 on Classical 101.  Here's Paul Galbraith playing Bach on his 8-string guitar: