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Classical 101

In the Key of 'D'anzmayr: Giving the Ears - and Mind - a Break

Summer vacations are in full swing.  Trips to the beach, the mountains, or maybe a "staycation" in the comfort of your own backyard. However you spend your time off, I would wager that accountants didn't crunch numbers, attorneys didn't spend their day in a courtroom, truck drivers didn't hop in a semi and head across the country, and computer technicians weren't building a computer.  Of course, there are always exceptions, but - generally speaking - we take time off to get away. For some reason, however, people seem surprised when they hear that classical musicians don't spend their down time listening to classical music...at least not all the time.  Granted, there are pieces of music I could listen to nearly every day and performances you just can't pass up, but I find that my ears and mind sometimes just need a rest.  When I return to the studio, things sound fresh again. ProMusica Chamber Orchestra Music Director David Danzmayr LOVES his music.  However, you might remember an earlier installment of In the Key of 'D'anzmayr where we discussed the contents of his iPod. A profession which is so constantly filled with sound, critical listening, and travel, requires a bit of a break for family - and a chance to step away from being "connected."