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Classical 101

Music Can be Both Cause and Cure for What Ails You

Many studies have been conducted trying to quantify the effects of various intangibles on our brains.  Possibly none more so than music.  It can affect how you view the world around you, taking the same scene and circumstances and changing your perception of them depending upon the music to which you are listening. Does Mozart make you smarter?  Maybe or maybe not, but he and others apparently do help you concentrate.  Music training also helps improve motor and reasoning skills.  You might remember some years back when it was revealed that Hall of Fame receivers Lynn Swann and Jerry Rice was taking ballet to improve his balance and body control.  I'd like to think the music played in his classes helped develop his mind as the dancing helped develop his body. Here is a list of eight surprising ways music affects and benefits our brains.  Next time your kids complain about what's on the radio on the way to the bus stop, you can show them this. Read more: 8 Surprising Ways Music Affects and Benefits our Brains