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Horror-filled Moments for Musicians

When things are written for Halloween, it is often gory, haunted houses try to scare patrons with artificial blood and monsters, the story of Lizzie Borden is retold, (there is even a Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast), and Edgar Alan Poe's writings are re-read. This one day out of 365 gets plenty of attention, but what about all of the others?  For instance, a video recently re-surfaced showing Maria Joao Pires experiencing every musician's nightmare. She sits at the piano at a dress rehearsal, the orchestra begins to play a Mozart Piano Concerto, and it's NOT the one she prepared. I'm sure we all have dreams, or realities, such as this.  For announcers, it is being somewhere outside of the studio, hearing the music ending, and being unable to get back to the studio.  In my version of this dream, I am sometimes not even in the building, but in another part of town. Here is a list of (fittingly) 13 musician's nightmares.  What's YOUR nightmare moment? Read The 13 worst things to happen to a classical musician (Classic FM)