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Dudamel Is Everywhere In LA

It seems that everywhere you look in Los Angeles, Gustavo Dudamel is smiling back at you. Bus cards, billboards, coffee mugs, and t-shirts are emblazoned with his sparkling eyes and bouncing curls. The LA Phil says they drew the line at bobbleheads, I say it's only a matter of time.  As you can imagine, whenever a high-profile conducting gig opens up, his is the first name on everyone's list. How long Gustavo Dudamel can keep up this intense pace is anyone's guess. In the meantime, he is breathing new life into the classical music world. In a recent conversation with ProMusica Chamber Orchestra's incoming Music Director David Danzmayr, we discussed the effect Dudamel is having upon the music world.  Danzmayr, who is the same age as Dudamel, says he is the perfect combination of age and experience. Because Dudamel began conducting so early in his life, he is 10-years older, musically. If he is like most conductors, working into his 80s and beyond, a 50-year conducting career is certainly not out of the question.  The only question is will the frenetic pace he keeps burn Dudamel out, or he just improve with age?  Only time will tell.   Meanwhile, all of us can enjoy the ride. Read more: Gustavo Dudamel: Not just another maestro? (Financial Times)