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Columbus Guitar Society Presents James Marron

For its mid-season fundraiser, the Columbus Guitar Society will present James Marron, a guitarist and composer, this Saturday (Jan. 19th) at 8pm. As with the regular season concerts, this special event will take place in the Huntington Recital Hall at Capital University in Bexley. When I think of reasons I love listening to the guitar, one of the first things that comes to mind is the beautiful rich tones produced by the instrument.  There's a warm woody sound that perfectly matches the way the classical guitar looks. Whether its spruce, cedar, rosewood or mahogany, the lovely appearance of the grain of the wood of a guitar presents a wonderful visual counterpart to the sounds we hear, especially, perhaps, on a chilly, wintry evening.  And then there is the music itself.  The guitar is just waiting for the fire of imagination and ability of a fine performer to bring it to life with the great music written for it. My point, I guess, is not to miss hearing this wonderful instrument and its music presented by an organization made up of devoted people who love the classical guitar and its repertoire and bring fine guitarists to Columbus every year. For more from the world of the classical guitar, and the actual music, don't miss our new Saturday evening program on Classical 101, Fretworks.  Its on from 7 to 8 pm, so you can listen in the car on your way to the concerts presented by the Columbus Guitar Society. Here is James Marron performing with an orchestra in a popular concerto by Vivaldi: http://youtu.be/JXjZ938y5kM