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Classical 101

A New Program for the Classical Guitar: Fretworks

The six-string classical guitar, an instrument beguiling and lovely in its soft and intimate tones, and exuberant and lively in more outgoing music.  In the hands of  one with great skill and artistry, the guitar can express many moods in a surprising variety of tone colors.  Andres Segovia, one of its greatest practitioners, called the Spanish classical guitar "an orchestra in a box" for its wide palette of sounds and wonderful creative possibilities. Beginning this Saturday evening on Classical 101, we have a new program featuring the classical guitar.  Fretworks will air from 7 to 8pm, following Jennifer Hambricks' new show, The American Sound. On Fretworks I will be presenting works from the standard classical guitar repertoire, as well as occasionally exploring music of other related stringed instruments, such as the lute and mandolin.  The music will range from Renaissance to Modern, with solo, ensemble, and orchestral compositions. We will have music performed on acoustic fretted instruments for your enjoyment Saturday evenings from 7 to 8 beginning January 5, so I hope you can join me for Fretworks on Classical 101. Here's one of the first classical guitarists I began listening to years ago and who will be featured on Fretworks, the Australian-born John Williams: http://youtu.be/oEfFbuT3I6A