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No more Christmas music?

What that headline actually means is no more new Christmas music, at least if one musician has his way. Sufjan Stevens, who is also an NPR music writer and contributor, has assembled his own five volume collection of seasonal favorites.  Although there is no word on why it was ok for him to release a holiday recording, but that's for another blog. John Hendrickson of Digital First Media, however takes exception with Stevens' recording with faint praise when he says, "There are moments within Sufjan Stevens’ new five-volume collection of Christmas music that are not utterly terrible." Hendrickson goes on to not only point out what he considers some of the season's best modern recordings, and also highlights a number of well-respected artists planning Christmas releases this year. While they may not all be your cup of eggnog, I'm not yet convinced that everything worthy of being added to your holiday listening list has already been penned. I'd love to hear your thoughts... Read Sufjan Stevens' holiday album, and why we no longer need new Christmas music (Denver Post)