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London 2012: Olympics Leads to Festival Cancellations

You can watch Michael Phelps swim for Olympic gold, but if you're traveling to London for musical performance festivals, you might want to postpone your trip.  Festival organizers in surrounding areas say slow ticket sales and difficulty getting acts are causing cancellations in many parts of England.

 Festival organizers are claiming" they cannot compete with a summer of sport."

One organization spokesman said "We're sorry for the inconvenience, but we think it's a much better decision to postpone this year and run a bigger and better event in the future." Read London 2012: Olympics Leads to Festival Cancellations (BBC)

Meanwhile, Back at Gatwick

Recent news reports told of the detention of three members of the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra, who were subsequently sent back to Amsterdam.  The story continues to unfold with a public statement being issued by the orchestra's manager. Read What Really Happened at Gatwick Airport? (Artsjournal.com)

Local Economies Receive Huge Benefit from Arts & Culture Industry

Reports in recent days have cited many instances of Arts organizations across the country and around the world struggling to stay afloat.  Orchestras have pared schedules, musicians salaries, and office staff as they try to weather the economic storm. Arts leaders from cities large and small recently convened at the Americans for the Arts 2012 Convention in San Antonio.  According to Americans for the Arts CEO Robert L. Lynch, numbers are still down when compared to figures from before the recession began affecting the industry, but...

considering what the economy has been through over the past seven years, there is every reason to be optimistic about the national state of the arts.

Lynch went on to say that "People are clearly still going to arts events. They may not be paying as much, but they're going." Read Arts and Culture Industry Still Injects Billions into the Economy, According to New Report (Huffington Post)