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Elliot Carter Still Composing at 103

Credits Rite of Spring as Inspiration

At an age when most would be reflecting on the past, Elliot Carter finds little time for that...he's too busy working.  While he does speak about days gone by (when Carter once asked Stravinsky for an autograph, Stravinsky thought he was Sinatra), it doesn't get in the way of the here and now.

 This Friday, Carter will attend the world premiere of his “Two Controversies and a Conversationâ€? at the New York Philharmonic (which co-commissioned the piece with the Aldeburgh Festival and Radio France).

Eventually, Stravinsky would know who Carter was...it was a Carnegie Hall performance of Rite of Spring that inspired Carter to become a composer. Read Elliott Carter, 103, Has World Premiere (Bloomberg Business Week) Hear The finale to Elliot Carter's 1st Symphony http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esFKFuw8FPU&feature=relmfu

Kickstarter:Â How Music is Getting Made in the 21st Century

As funding becomes increasingly more difficult to come by for organizations and performers, Kickstarter is doing for musicians what online campaigns have done for politicians...give those of modest means the opportunity to be involved in something they believe in.  One performer in particular has made it work for her in a big way. Read Giving Love, Lots of It, To her Fans (NY Times) Read Fans should hire artist (Wired)

A VERY Young Composer Gets his Chance at NY Phil

Performers begin studying music at a very early age...why shouldn't composers get the same opportunity? Composer Jon Deak, who played bass with the New York Philharmonic for more than 40 years, says the idea for Very Young Composers came when he and conductor Marin Alsop visited an elementary school in Brooklyn several years ago. Now, 72 lucky kids in six New York area schools participate in this free after-school program each year. Read A (Very) Young Composer Gets his Chance at the New York Philharmonic (NPR)