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Tenor Comes Back From Oral Cancer to Sing Again

If one needs inspiration to fight on against seemingly insurmountable odds, I can recommend two inspirational people who have fought, not only to recover their health, but to reclaim a music career in the process. One is David Niwa, who fought through multiple surgeries and setbacks to not only survive, but to resume his music career.  Every time I see him onstage, he is an inspiration. Another artist who fought long odds and won was tenor Brian Galliford, who was diagnosed with cancer on his tongue in 2006.  He fought not only to recover, but to even be able to speak, much less ever sing again.  His story is truly amazing. Read The Tenor Who Nearly Lost his Tongue (Slipped Disc)

Detroit Symphony Given Huge Break by Bank

The Detroit Symphony, not unlike many orchestras, has been teetering on the brink of bankruptcy as management tries to right the ship and musicians fight for their salaries and, in some cases, careers. Lenders have stepped up and agreed to forgive nearly $54 million dollars of real estate debt, which could signal the beginning of recovery for the venerable organization. Read DSO, Banks Agree to Retire $54-Million Real Estate Debt (Detroit Free Press)