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Classical 101

Australian Opera Star Sings for Her Supper

Renowned Opera Singers Serenade Vegetables

Soprano Antoinette Halloran and her partner, fellow opera singer James Egglestone, have a backyard studio behind their Melbourne home.  Apparently, their daily rehearsals have done for her vegetables what normally requires Miracle-gro. Read Singing to Plants: Opera in the Veggie Patch (ABC Limelight Magazine)

An Australian Amadeus?

By all accounts, Rose Grainger tried to do for her son Percy's career what Leopold Mozart did for Wolfgang.  Percy Grainger made certain we knew who he was by building a shrine to himself. Read Percy Grainger's Hall of Mirrors (ABC Limelight Magazine)

Van Cliburn Returns to Moscow as Honorary Chairman of Contest He Won

For the first time since his historic victory at the first International Tchaikovsky Piano Competition, Van Cliburn returns to Moscow. Relive Van Cliburn's historic victory (NPR) Watch an excerpt from the documentary "Van Cliburn: Concert Pianist" about his historic win. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPRNx9GaplY

Origami Cowboys

Classical music gets a bad rap for being staid, stodgy, and stuffy.  Eleanor Stewart, a freelance animator and illustrator from Glasgow, Scotland, pulled the characters from Rodeo right out of Aaron Copland's score in a most amusing way. In case you missed it, Classical 101's Jennifer Hambrick wrote about this recently: Quirky Animation Brings Copland's Hoe-Down To Life