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Run, Gil, Run!

[caption id="attachment_14541" align="alignright" width="133" caption="Image © Christian Steiner"][/caption] [VIDEO IS DEAD] Lest you think musicians are a humorless lot who spend their days sequestered with their instruments and nights sleeping in formal attire, Gil Shaham takes his fans on an impromptu tour of New York City in a cute video promoting his recording of Sarasate's music. As you watch, pay close attention.  There are many bad puns, silly signs, and cameo appearances.  Can you spot his wife (Adele Anthony),

sister (Orli Shaham),

and a famous pianist (Yefim Bronfman)?

Extra credit for finding his publicist (Max Lefer), the New York Philharmonic's new conductor (Alan Gilbert),

and the recording engineer (Da-Hong Seetoo).

Da-Hong has also engineered many ProMusica Chamber Orchestra recordings.

You'll also find a video of Shaham playing the Zapateado by Sarasate below.   Have fun! -- Boyce Lancaster

[youtube VQgjmMVqUPw] [youtube EzrjP6uq1oM&feature=related]

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