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Folia Fever

[VIDEO IS DEAD] What makes a melody stick in our minds?  Sometimes it's the circumstances in which we first heard it, or maybe the person or people we were with.  If composers could put their finger on a formula, EVERY piece of music would be an unforgettable masterpiece.  As we know, however, for every Beethoven's Ninth, there is a Falco recording Rock Me Amadeus... [youtube eXs93KbBCgY] Ma Belle Amie by The Tee Set... [youtube nWP_Md78mk8] or Midnight at the Oasis by Maria Muldaur... [youtube Q3tHYb4_bAg] There is one melody, however, which holds an attraction for composers and music lovers which has seemingly never waned...La Folia.  Bach used it, as did Corelli, Vivaldi, Rachmaninoff, Mauro Giuliani, and Vangelis.  Over 150 composers over a span of some 330 years have given this simple piece of music their treatment.  There is even a website dedicated to compiling an evergrowing list of the many versions of La Folia. Lest you be stuck with Rock Me Amadeus as an earworm, here is Apollo's Fire with one of my favorite versions. -- Boyce Lancaster [youtube wb3TaFzxlfI]