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Broad & High Presents: Lily Bloom

Lily McBride is a harpist and singer who performs under the moniker, Lily Bloom, and she has been chosen as the 2020 NPR Tiny Desk Concert local favorite.

Lily Bloom takes a modern spin on a classic instrument using “bluesy and silken” vocals accompanied by intricate notes on the harp, according to WOSU digital news editor Gabe Rosenberg,

She was joined for this performance by Will Strickler on bass and Aaron Bishara on drums.

Good Girls
“Good Girls” was originally inspired by a breakup, but it later grew to express Lily’s general experience in the music scene. She recounts the times when she was patronized and doubted by others due to being a young woman, but she works hard to prove them wrong.

“Ghost” is a song Lily McBride wrote when she first arrived in Columbus. Overwhelmed by the move to the city, she poured her emotions into a melancholic tune to encapsulate her experience. This song was submitted to NPR Music’s 2020 Tiny Desk Contest and chosen as WOSU’s favorite pick from Central Ohio.

Mi Alma es Libre
“Mi Alma es Libre” is one of three performances Lily Bloom performed for Broad & High on the terrace of the Dublin Arts Council.

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