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Tech Tuesday: Mobile Photo Exhibit, Cybersecurity, and Conferences


The Columbus Museum Art is hosting what it calls the world’s largest exhibition of mobile phone photography ever organized by a museum. Guest host Mike Thompson takes a look at that exhibit and at photography on mobile platforms. After that, crime expert Marc Goodman will talk to us about his new book on the future of crime. And, to cap the hour off, regular tech contributor Russell Holly discusses the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the Game Developers Conference in the US, and more.


  • Jennifer Poleon, Columbus Museum of Art Digital Communications Manager and organizer for #MobilePhotoNow exhibit
  • Kevin Kuster, CEO of #JJ Instagram Community
  • Marc Goodman, author of “Future Crimes: Everything is Connected, Everyone is Vulnerable and What We Can Do About It”
  • Russell Holly, contributing editor to AndroidCentral.com