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The State of Global Currencies/ Representative Joyce Beatty

10 am

Bucks, cheddar, filthy lucre... money is a fundamental fact of everyday life, the key to success and the root of all evil. And it has no inherent value, other than what we give it. This hour we'll talk about these paradoxes, and how technology has turned traditional banking on its head. Then we'll talk to US Representative Joyce Beatty, from Ohio's 3rd district.


  • Tyler Cann, contemporary curator, Columbus Museum of Art
  • William Luther, Assistant Professor of Economics, Kenyon College
  • Joyce Beatty, US Representative for Ohio’s 3rd district

Events: Tuesday, Oct 28, at 11:30 am- the Columbus Museum of Art will hold a talk and luncheon on the future of global currencies. Oct 3, 2014-March 1, 2015: Columbus Museum of Art presents In _ We Trust- an exhibit exploring the complex nature of money, and its relationship to art.