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Designing Columbus Fashion

Broadcasting live from the Columbus Arts Festival Friday, All Sides host Ann Fisher sat down with three prominent fashion designers from the Columbus area and abroad. From this fitting location, the three designers discussed emerging trends in the fashion and design industry. They spoke on an array of topics, from the recent resurgence of fashion culture in Columbus and fashion in the digital age, to new “greenâ€? movements within the industry. Kelli Martin is a designer and past contestant on the popular series, “Project Runway.â€? Although she did not win the competition, she has gone on to create own label and is the president of Alternative Fashion Mob, a group dedicated to furthering the fashion scene in Columbus. Her passion for design is alive and well as she discussed alternative fashion and recently sold-out alternative fashion week. Believing fashion is for everyone, she described the growth of the underground fashion scene in Columbus. Suzanne Cotton, Chair of the Fashion Design program at the Columbus College of Art and Design, also joined Ann on the program to discuss how recent advancements in technology have changed the fashion industry, and brought it into a new light accessible to all. Kathleen Tesnakis, designer of Ekologic, also spoke on the program about creating the “greenâ€? movement inside of the fashion industry. By reinventing discarded or old clothes destined for the trash heap, Tesnakis has been able to create new beautiful artisan clothing while helping the environment at the same time. Fashion has long been regarded as a part of high-society living, but Friday's guests explained how the people are slowly re-invigorating the industry, one runway at a time. For more on these topics and more, listen to the full hour of the show.