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Wellness Wednesday: Childhood Obesity, Hep C News, Calcium Myths


Hepatitis C has now surpassed HIV as the top chronic infection leading to death. There are some promising new treatments, but they cost $1,000 per pill. This hour, we'll talk about who's getting treatment, who has to wait, and who's paying the bill. We'll also learn what local schools are doing to combat childhood obesity, and get the latest nutrition tips.


  • Monica Reinagel, chef, author, Nutrition Diva
  • Jacqueline Broderick-Patton, Wellness Initiative Coordinator Columbus City Schools Health, Family and Community Services
  • Don Cain, Columbus City Schools Phys Ed, Health and Dance Coordinator
  • Julie Appleby, reporter for Kaiser Health News
  • Christopher Walker, researcher at the Center for Vaccines and Immunity at Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Event Thursday, May 15 at 7 pm, COSI hosts The Childhood Obesity Epidemic: Who Owns it?