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Tech Tuesday: Bookless Libraries, Ultrabooks, and Gadgets


Whether it’s on an Apple Ipad, Amazon Kindle, or some other tablet device, many people are choosing to read their words from a screen instead of a book or magazine. We’ll talk about how this trend might impact libraries today and in the future.  Plus, Intel is most famous for manufacturing the microchips that power our computers, but they also wield their influence to shape the PC’s on the market. We’ll hear about the Ultrabook and what to expect in 2013. Then we’ll cover the rest of the gadget world with geek.com blogger, Russell Holly.


  • John Gonzalez, Reporter for the San Antonio Express Newsnet
  • Carol Diedrichs, Director of The Ohio State University Libraries
  • Sean Hollister, West Coast Editor at theVerge.com
  • Russell Holly, Tech Blogger for Geek.com