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Tech Tuesday: Futuristic Media, DNSChanger Malware and Gadgetry


Available Light Theatre is producing "Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom," a show about a futuristic society where technology has supposedly eliminated work, boredom and death. Then, some computers have been infected with DNSChanger malware and will lost Internet access on July 9. We'll tell you how to figure out whether or not your computer could be a victim. And finally, we'll talk about the latest gadgets: Google Drive, HTC One S and Zeemote Smartphone controller for video games. Join the conversation on this segment of Tech Tuesday on "All Sides." Guests

  • Matt Slaybaugh (Artistic Director, Available Light Theatre)
  • Drew Eberly (actor, Available Light Theatre)
  • Steve Fox (Editorial Director/Vice President, PC World)
  • Russell Holly (Tech Blogger, geek.com)

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Click here for more information on "Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, a production of the Available Light Theatre."