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OSU Basketball: Final Four/Ohio Test Scores and Possible Cheating


The Ohio State University Men's Basketball team is heading to the Final Four of the NCAA Tournament in New Orleans this weekend... On this segment, we'll talk about their season and the upcoming game.


  • Ray Stein (Sports Editor, Columbus Dispatch)


New research shows that many U.S. schools show the same patterns on standardized tests as those found in Atlanta, where cheating cases were uncovered. There are some schools in Ohio that show these patterns... Are there schools all over the country that are cheating on standardized tests? How about schools in Ohio?


  • Laura Bischoff (Correspondent, Dayton Daily News)
  • Ken McCall (Database reporter, Dayton Daily News)
  • Randy Flora, Ph.D. (Director, Education Policy & Coalition Relations, Ohio Education Association)
  • Jim Herroltz (Associate Superintendent, Learning, Ohio Department of Education)