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Challenges of Franklinton: Columbus Historic Urban Neighborhood


The neighborhood of Franklinton is like a staple in the history of our capital city of Columbus. It seemed to be situated for many years on the wrong side of the river, but the flood wall in 2004 brought hope of both new commerce and stable home ownership to the area. Some parts have succeeded over time, but obstacles still remain. On this hour of "All Sides," we're talking about Franklinton during a special broadcast in front of a live studio audience at WOSU@COSI downtown. For more information, visit our Facebook event here.


  • Kevin Ballard (Vice President, Gladden Community House and Editor, Franklinton News)
  • Rebecca Hunley (community activist and Safety Task Force Chair, Franklinton Area Commission)
  • Jim Sweeney (Executive Director, Franklinton Development Association)
  • Patrick Kaufman (Co-Director, Franklinton Gardens)

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