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Race: Are We So Different?


"Science traces early human migration from Africa using current research to re-evaluate widely held beliefs about the origins of physical attributes, such as skin color or resistance to disease. History traces racism from the pre-Columbus era to modern genetic studies. Lived Experience features voices and images of people who share their experiences of race, identity, and racism." That is the theme of a new exhibit at COSI that explores the science, history and everyday issues of race and racism. On this hour of "All Sides," we'll explore the topic of racism in modern science and society.


  • David E. Chesebrough (President/CEO, COSI)
  • Eric Jolly (President, Science Museum of Minnesota)
  • Dr. Shomarka Omar Y. Keith (M.D., Guest Scientist, Howard University National Human Genome Center)


"Race: Are We So Different?" will help visitors explore the reality, and unreality, of race. The exhibit opens on January 28, 2012 at COSI. For more information about COSI and special events surrounding "RACE: Are We So Different?" call 614.228.2674 or visit cosi.org.