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Who Writes Ohio's Legislation?

The old saying, laws are like sausages, it’s better not to watch them being made is one thing.

Yet, in a democracy, should we know who is writing our laws? Leaked documents from the secretive American Legislative Exchange Council - a private issues club for corporations and lawmakers, included model bills written by the corporations for statehouses around the country. We’ll hear from a writer for The Nation magazine, which is reporting on the ALEC leak,  an Ohio State Senator and longtime member of ALEC will join us and we’ll get some perspective on who writes laws for Ohio.


  • John Nichols (Washington D.C. Correspondent, The Nation magazine)
  • Ohio State Senator Bill Seitz (American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) Board Member)
  • Lee Leonard (veteran statehouse reporter)
  • Laura Bischoff (Dayton Daily News Correspondent)