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History Detectives Investigate America's Historical Objects

Do you ever wonder if that ancient family story your uncle loves to tell is true? Well, perhaps it's something the "History Detectives" can help you with. The popular PBS series in now in its 9th season, investigating interesting historical objects and places, to bring American history to life.

This year, History Detectives airs on a new night, Tuesday evenings at 8PM on WOSU TV.


  • Tukufu Zuberi (Race Relations Professor, University of Pennsylvania)
  • Wes Cowan (Cowan's Auctions founder/owner)

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CUT #4: Speculation Runs High In Presidential Money Race

http://www.npr.org/2011/06/26/137421442/speculation-runs-high-in-presidential-money-race LEAD IN: To speak more on the upcoming presidential election, Peter Overby of NPR news assessed the finances of candidates. He found that besides Romney, few of the other republican candidates have been able to drum up enough money... LEAD OUT: Later in that story, there was a quote from Political analyst, Charlie Cook, who noted that "in the early stages of a campaign, there are only two metrics to look at. One is polls and the other is money." Do you see this assessment ringing true  for these GOP candidates?W