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Planning for a Secure Financial Future

How can you move to plan for a financially secure future? Jonathan Pond, a financial adviser for PBS, joined All Sides with Ann Fisher to talk about practical advice for dealing with the economic downturn, and planning for a secure financial future. Pond also talked about financial stability for everyone. "We've had people range from 18 through their late 90's," Pond said. "Its hard for people to appreciate how customized these (plans) are… this provides specific recommendations just for you and you alone." Pond said there are mutual funds out there for everyone, and he can find one for you. "I select mutual funds that are based on your specific situation," Pond said. "That's how customized these are." Pond also offered advice about Social Security. Pond said he strongly discourages collecting Social Security early, and that it should only be collected early if you absolutely need it. "I strongly discourage people collecting (Social Security) before full retirement age," Pond said. "Once a lower Social Security check, always a lower Social Security check."

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If you pledge today, there are several pledge level rewards. Pond’s book, “The New Affluence: Achieving Financial Security in a Changed Economy,â€? is available to you at the $60 pledge level. At the $120 level, you will receive Pond’s very own “Your Lifetime Plannerâ€? or his “Financial Road Map.â€? "If you're not yet a member it's a great time to step up," Pond said. If you pledge at the $225 level today, you will receive the Combo Pack, which includes all three of Pond’s products.


  • Jonathan Pond (PBS Financial Advisor)

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