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The New Photo ID Bill; Ohio's Nuclear Safety

Two points of view about legislation requiring voters to show a photo ID at the polls that passed the Ohio House of Representatives last week, with Ohio House Speaker Pro Tempore Louis Blessing Jr. (29th District, proponent), and Ohio House Minority Leader Rep. Armond Budish (8th District, opponent).

Also in this episode:

Two points of view about the safety and security of Ohio’s two nuclear power plants, with FirstEnergy spokesperson Todd Schneider, and NukeFree.org co-founder Harvey Wasserman.


  • Ohio House approves legislation requiring state photo ID to vote - The Plain Dealer. House Republicans on Wednesday pushed through what could become the nation's most restrictive voter identification law, requiring Ohioans to show government-issued photo IDs at the polls. More than three hours of fiery debate, following two hearings over eight days, netted a near-party line vote of 57-38 for the voter ID bill, which now heads to the Republican-dominated Senate. Rep. Kirk Schuring, from the Canton area, was the only Republican to join Democrats in voting against the legislation.
  • Ohio's 2 nuclear plants face critics of safety - The Columbus Dispatch. A little more than a year ago, power-industry officials promoted a new generation of nuclear reactors as a clean source of electricity that wouldn't contribute to climate change. That was then. Today, as Japan's nuclear crisis grows, so has criticism of the United States' proposed "nuclear renaissance." The nation's 104 nuclear-power stations, including two in Ohio, face more scrutiny and federal inspections.