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Customers unhappy with changes at new west Columbus Greyhound bus terminal

Katie Geniusz

On Wednesday, the Columbus Greyhound Bus terminal officially moved from its previous location on East Town Street to its new location at 845 North Wilson Road.

The new location is small, with both indoor and outdoor seating and a singular ticket operator.

A Shell gas station stood at the site before being bought by Greyhound in April of this year.

“This new location will continue Greyhound’s commitment to serving our customers in Columbus and the surrounding areas,” said Brett Gaj, Greyhound District Manager for Ohio. “With the peak travel season upon us, customers will be able to travel seamlessly throughout the region and beyond from this new station.”

Some customers were critical of the terminal's new location.

One man who wanted to remain anonymous because of his occupation said, “Two locations, two different buses. I had to do all kinds of re-changing my ticket.”

When asked if the new terminal was an upgrade from the previous one, the man said, “It’s worse.”

Several other customers spoke up about their dissatisfaction as well.

Another man, who also wished to remain anonymous, told WOSU on Friday around 11 a.m. that he was not able to leave on his scheduled bus until around 7 p.m. Friday.

Customers also expressed concerns that the new location was not any more safe than the previous one, which was one of the possible reasons for the move.

Legal action was taken by City Attorney Zach Klein and the Columbus Division of Police in 2021, calling the former terminal “crime-plagued.”

The city cited that CPD had responded to “over 300 calls for service to the premises, including concerns about guns, knives, narcotics, stabbings, overdoses, 20 fights and assaults, and a shooting,” in 2021.

Despite customer concerns, there are no plans to move the terminal again to another location.

Business & Economy