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Web Extra: Sadiqa Reynolds On Policing, Breonna Taylor And More

In Kentucky, a high school newspaper uncovered a disturbing story. For years, the State Police had used a training manual with quotations from Adolf Hitler. On today’s show, we spoke with the student journalists who discovered the story.

We also spoke with Sadiqa Reynolds, president and CEO of the Louisville Urban League. At first, Sadiqa says she couldn’t believe the story was real. “I was absolutely shocked,” she said on today’s show.

“What they have uncovered is the problem of America,” she added. “We have got to be honest about the fact that racism and hatred, they continue because these things are still being … daily taught to people who are in charge of serving and protecting.”

In this web exclusive, Meghna Chakrabarti follows up with Sadiqa for an extended interview about policing, racism and what this reporting says about America.

In this web extra … we hear from:

Sadiqa Reynolds, president and CEO of the Louisville Urban League. Former judge. (@SadiqaReynolds)

This article was originally published on WBUR.org.

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