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Doug Roble: What Happens When Visual Effects Aren't Limited To Just Movies?

Part 4 of theTED Radio HourepisodeDigital Manipulation.

About Doug Roble's TED Talk

Visual effects researcher Doug Roble is developing technology that creates hyper-realistic digital versions of humans. He explores the implications of this technology — both for good and bad.

About Doug Roble

Doug Roble is the Senior Director of Software R&D at the visual effects production company Digital Domain. He joined the company over 20 years ago after getting his PhD in computer science from the Ohio State University. The company produces realistic special effects for movies, video games, and virtual reality.

He's currently the chair of the Motion Picture Academy's Sci/Tech Awards and a member of the Academy's Sci/Tech Council. And two of the tools he's built over the years have won Sci/Tech Academy Awards themselves.

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