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ProMusica and Paul Rissmann Take You Behind the Scenes of Pulcinella

Music can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. For many, that means earbuds and isolation during a commute, workout or taking a walk.

For me, music is far more enjoyable when others are involved. Live musical performances give me an opportunity to watch and hear a work of art being recreated, reborn.

Yes, it might have been written weeks, years or centuries ago — but when music is performed in concert, it is a living, breathing entity, given new life and a new personality by those musicians.

Paul Rissmann is a composer-performer who both creates and recreates music. His series Naked Classics goes far beyond a dry recitation of dates and facts, to allow music-lovers of all ages and experience see inside the orchestra, the creative process and the mind of the composer.

Twice each season, Rissmann teams up with David Danzmayr and ProMusica Chamber Orchestra to share the exciting things he finds in music. This Friday at 8pm, you can join Paul and ProMusica to see and hear a performance of Igor Stravinksy's Pulcinella in a new and exciting way.

Paul Rissmann visited the Classical 101 studios to chat about the Friday performance.

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