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A 'Morning Edition' Welcome To New Hosts Of 'All Things Considered'


All right, Renee, it's probably too early in the day for champagne. But it's worth toasting our two colleagues who have walked into the studio and joined us this morning.


That would be Kelly McEvers and Ari Shapiro, both of you looking very dressy.


ARI SHAPIRO, BYLINE: Indeed. It's our first day of the job.

KELLY MCEVERS, BYLINE: It's a special day.

MONTAGNE: Ari's in a coat and tie. And they, of course, will be the two newest hosts of All Things Considered.

GREENE: You've heard them, our listeners, many times in the past, including hosting this program. But this is their first official day in these - in these new roles. Congrats to you both.

MCEVERS: Thanks.

SHAPIRO: It is so exciting.

GREENE: It's very exciting. And Ari, you're actually - you're transitioning from being correspondent in London. You literally just got off a plane, right?

SHAPIRO: I packed up my apartment and flew on Saturday. And we'll be hosting this afternoon together for the first time. But I'm hoping that we can all do that kind of travel as hosts, especially now that All Things Considered has four hosts and not just three. I hope it'll give all of us a chance to get out a little bit more.

GREENE: I like that.

MONTAGNE: Yeah, of course, the two...

MCEVERS: Just not move an apartment.


MONTAGNE: The two of you are joining Audie Cornish and Robert Siegel, so it'll be a foursome. But this is, Kelly, worth mentioning. You're going to be joining me at NPR West in California every morning, except you'll be in the afternoon.

MCEVERS: Oh, yeah, better hours for me, sorry.

MONTAGNE: Much better (laughter).

GREENE: Much better hours - we will not let the two of you forget that, either.

MCEVERS: (Laughter).

GREENE: So what's on the show later today?

MCEVERS: Well, I'm going to have a story about the new Broad museum in downtown Los Angeles. You're actually going to hear an audio tour by the amazing actor LeVar Burton.

GREENE: Oh, cool.

SHAPIRO: And I'm going to be talking to Julia Holter, whose new album, "Have You In My Wilderness," has been called one of the best new releases of the fall. And, in addition to arts coverage, we'll also have a lot of news - the pope, etcetera.

MCEVERS: You know, the news, right.

GREENE: The news, we cover the news.


GREENE: All right, Kelly McEvers and Ari Shapiro. They will be in their new jobs later today as hosts of All Things Considered. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.