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Ohio AAA Auto Clubs Oppose Proposed Speed-Limit Boost

75 mph
CLT Blog
AAA has come out against a proposal to increase the speed limit.

Auto club AAA says it's against a proposal to boost the speed limit to 75 mph on the Ohio Turnpike and rural interstate highways.

The organization said in a statement that it opposes the idea due to safety concerns for motorists.

The proposed increase comes less than two years after Ohio allowed drivers to go 70 mph. It's part of a $7 billion, two-year transportation budget.

Senators approved the speed change last week, but the House passed an earlier version of the budget bill without the increase.

A negotiating committee is scheduled to meet Tuesday to hash out differences between the two versions. Only one state entirely east of the Mississippi River - Maine - is among the 16 around the nation with at least a 75 mph speed limit.