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Talk to Me:
Improving Health Literacy through Communication

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Conversations with Caring Doctors

When WOSU reporter Christina Morgan sat down to talk with physicians in late 2005, she found they had plenty to say about patient-doctor relationships.

With candor and humor, the doctors discussed major issues in health care, including electronic medical records, the high cost of prescription drugs, and caregiving. They also offered plenty of practical advice.

Listen to Morgan's interviews with the doctors, and learn how patients and their families can get the most from doctors' appointments--including how to get your physician to stop using "doctor speak" and what to expect during an office visit.

Dr. FreidenbergDonald Freidenberg, D.O., is a private-practice neurologist and a professor of neurology at Ohio State. Bedside manner is key, Dr. Freidenberg says: "It's important to let them know that they're not here as a patient, but as a person, and I'm going to help them with whatever problems they have." In this interview, Dr. Freidenberg tell Morgan about treating patients with dementia and the importance of engaging both patients and their families. (This sound file lasts about 17 minutes.)

Listen to Dr. Freidenberg. (MP3 - 15M -- opens in a new window)

Nancy Graesser, D.O., is a family physician in Pickerington. "My philosophy is that medical care should be a partnership between the doctor and the patient," says Dr. Graesser. "It is not just about prescribing medications, but about educating and assisting a patient live a more healthy lifestyle."(This sound file lasts about xx minutes.)

Listen to Dr. Graesser. (MP3 - xxM -- opens in a new window)

Dr. HollisterJonathan Hollister, M.D., is a geriatrician at Licking Memorial Health Systems in Newark. Dr. Hollister tells Morgan about the problem of about ageism: "playing down older folks' medial problems." In this interview, he advises patients on what to do when their physician speaks in medical-ese. He also tells caregivers how they can get up to speed on parents' health issues and get the support they need. (This sound file lasts about 23 minutes.)

Listen to Dr. Hollister. (MP3 - 21M -- opens in a new window)

Dr. Love-WalkerGina Love-Walker, M.D., is a senior partner in internal medicine at Eastpointe Primary Care Physicians in Blacklick. "One of the biggest issues (for seniors) is obtaining medications because of a limited income or a limited accessibility because of lack of insurance," Dr. Love-Walker says. In this interview, she talks about how patients can remember doctors' orders and what people need to tell their physicians. (This sound file lasts about 11 minutes.)

Listen to Dr. Love-Walker. (MP3 - 10.3M -- opens in a new window)