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I have experienced Ohio Stadium in many ways. The most memorable comes through the shoes of a member of The Ohio State University Marching Band. The feeling of apporaching that stadium on Saturday afternoon can not be compared to anything else I have experienced in my life. As we march towards that ramp leading to the field, almost every band member knows exactly how it will feel to stand on that field in just a few minutes. Yet, every game, the feeling is new. Perhaps nothing will ever compare to marching into an area where 95,000 people have gathered for one reason: sharing an amazing feeling of comradery through an old-fashioned sport. It's hard not to take Ohio Stadium for granted.

M. K.
Snare Drum



My best memory of the stadium came after I visited the OSU campus during the springtime a couple years ago. I was attending the boys statebasketball championships being held at St. John Arena and walked over to Ohio Stadium in between one of the games. I found an open gate that led me to the familiar stands, and I sat, seemingly alone, nearly fifteen rows up on the western side of the 'Shoe. I stayed there for nearly an hour with nothing but the wonderful memories of games that I'd attended with my father over the years. With nothing but the sound of wind against the empty flag pole tether, it was hard for me to comprehend justhow special this place truly was. While I sat, an older gentlemen entered the stadium at the gate directly below me, and I watched as he assed his gaze back and forth across the gated off turf and then to the empty expanse of the stands on the eastern side. I then noticed as he turned to draw a handkerchief from his hip pocket, that he had begun to cry. After a brief pause, he wiped his face, turned and exited without oticing my presence above. To this day I have no idea what had sparked his sudden, quiet emotion, but I began to understand just what power this place truly had to transport a person to another place and time. For me, as I'm sure it is for many, it is a living memorial to friendship, fathers, sons, and fall afternoons, and for as long as it stands we'll always be able to sit inside its storied walls and remember.

J. T.



My first experience in Ohio Stadium was an emotional one. I was able to cover the Buckeyes for Matt Finkes's Hometown paper the Piqua Daily Call. So my first experience was in the press box above Ohio Stadium.

I was able to go to John Cooper's press conference that day after the game and watched as the Buckeyes hung-on to beat Wisconsin 17-14!

Just seeing and hearing the crowd and the band was awesome. I'm forever a BUCKEYE!!!!

B. L.
West Milton, Ohio



My most vivid memory occurred at the first home game after Woody passed away. As part of the pregame festivities they played a tape of one of Woody"s inspirational speeches over the stadium public address system. Sitting in C-deck it seemed he was speaking from the heavens.

Portsmouth, Ohio



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